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Karen Lyons kalmenson

What a beautiful baby

Beryl Brennan

From Maria. Yes , I had three greyhounds and a terrier called Pepe .On the day Ben my aristocratic black greyhound gentleman moved into my home in Scotland . I bought really healthy dog biscuit ingredients , Ben stood in the kitchen watching he was the only dog who loved these biscuits in my home ,as if he knew it was all for him .

A week or so later I had bought similar ingredients from health food store left them in bag of kitchen and went out again .I came home to my brindle greyhound Tina and Ben , who looked so happy with themselves .
Covered in flour and a mound of flour , liniseeds, etc all the biscuit ingredients which had been chewed into a slimy mess .Ben and Tina had the dough all over their faces and body and bits dangling from their mouths , my new ingredients opens and wrecked to !
My first thought was that shopping was expensive and what a mess everywhere on no.

On entering the kitchen I realised who the main culprit was , it was Ben !basically he must have commited all the ingredients I used in his biscuits to memory they had been in different areas and different cupboards , he'd taken exactly those ingredients to make his batch of biscuits .

Ben and Tina had even managed to get the ingredients wet enough to make a weird
Gluey substance ,I had to burst out laughing and tell them they were so clever, if not expensive rascals .

Both are now deceased but your article made me remember these beautiful clever souls , you can only imagine the mess it was dragged from kitchen to one end of living room to the other! While their mixing bowl was the white leather couch which I actually had acquired for Ben .

Even telling you this I can remember their joy that day .After this I designed a bag for dog biscuits , named them Ben's biscuits with a picture of Ben on front and ingredients.

Every time I made them for Ben and others , I would make extra, put them in these dog bags .And drop them off to the dogs best dog friends .Smallish ones for Kissy , the Staff is , giant ones for Tina's friend , the Newfoundland etc .

I see them grinning to this day !

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