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That was torture for this podenco Gracie. To be tied to an electric pylon and tethered on a chain shows how disgusting humans can stoop. It is not rocket science for a humn being to know how miserable Gracie and 'Learned helplessness' could be.. WHY, when we know this are people not punished. We are an animal, would we like to be tied up for years, and spend time in isolation? What can we do about it? To stop the brutality done by our executive functioning (Human being)..why do they get left unpunished? If they do not get punished we will carry on with our abhorrant actions, so we encourage this type of behaviour..

Abbey Zap

I think it is disgusting that Gracie suffered years in isolation. Thank God Bev has her now. I agree with everything
that Gill Rossini wrote.

Beryl Brennan

The problem why the galgueros are not punished for their maltreatment of their dogs is because from National Government ministers through to Regional, Provincial and local government, they are largely bloody hunters. Then you have the Guardia, judges and more...mostly bloody hunters! So they won't prosecute their own. Over the years I have been involved with galgos and podencos, there have been about 3 cases of prosecution, where galgueros forgot to cut out the dog's chip. Sandra Baas of Baas Galgo was the first one to successfully prosecute and convict a galguero for killing 3 dogs. DeAnimals lawyers in Murcia run courses for law enforcement people to teach the detailed dossier to prepare for a prosecution of animal cruelty. At the PAES International Conference on Animal Welfare in Murcia in October 2016 I met lawyer Raquel and 2 Seprona police to learn about it. Raquel was funding prosecution cases out of her own pocket, she desperately needed funding to do more. But as with rescue associations, too many bureaucrats are hunters.

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