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james ensor

Peaches is a Podenco Medio short-haired. Maria, whom we rescued ourselves from the Cape verde islands is a short-hair Podengo Medio. She is very similar but more fawn and less ruddy in her hair colour. Maria is a very loving and affectionate dog and I would encourage anyone to take on Peaches.

Maria, like most rescued dogs had a few issues. She did not like me putting my hand anywhere near her head. She struggled if I picked her up anywhere near water. You can guess what had been done to her as a puppy by Cape Verdean men. She is now very fond of women - at least from northern europe, and some men.

There is a forum for podengos of all three sizes, which you can find on podengoforumotion. net. You might find people who want to adopt Peaches, there.

Maria is an out and out huntress , with very powerful back legs. With a running start she can jump so that her snout reaches 7ft up a tree, pursuing a fleeing squirrel. She will also chase cats, jumping onto roofs, just behind their tail, foxes and deer. We have lost her at times for well over an hour. But with hr incredible sense of smell, she will always eventually return to wherever we last saw her.


Would just point out that Peaches is a Spanish Podenca Andaluz which indeed do come in 3 sizes, small (which I have at 7 kg) medium and large. Podengos are Portuguese. All is explained in my definitive guide to the Podenco, From Pyramid to Perrera, which can be purchased on line on this blog.


Heb je gedeeld en hoop dat er snel een heel goed en warm thuis voor jou gaat komen lieve schat xxx

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