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Gloria Van der Woude

Is it possible to get an English translation of Lila's write-up please? I can speak French, but not German. I guess she's in Germany. Would a UK foster/possible home be allowed?

Beryl Brennan

If you want an English translation from the German website, do what I often do, copy and paste the piece in a German/English translator. I don't speak Spanish so it'w what I do when I am wanting to translate something, especially if it's a newspaper article. You can generally get the gist of it.

Gloria Van der Woude

Did Lila get a foster/adopter? I did send an email asking if she could come to the UK, but I haven't heard or seen a reply .

Beryl Brennan

I've asked again, Gloria, and told Barbara you have emailed her to offer. Let me know if you hear from her.

Beryl Brennan

hi Gloria, Barbara didn't get your email. I've sent you an email with her reply.

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