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David Jon WALTON

So I saw a puppy whilst on vacation in Greece which at the time was approx 8 weeks old ,I fell in love with the puppy and have made repeated trips over to Greece to be with him and spend time with him.
He is now 8 months old and I wish to bring him home to Norway as My work does not allow me to continue travlling to Greece,
Can I do this and comply with the new rules to be introduced i July 2018 I intend to bring him back with me in August.

Beryl Brennan

I can't help you there, David, I'm afraid. I am just publicising the sad news which will affect rescue dogs. It may be that because you have cared for the dog for so many months and you have him privately and not through an association, you may be ok. Bev Farmer of Podenco Friends publicised this rule, some of her rescued podencos have been adopted in Norway. She may be able to help you more. You can email her at podencofriends@hotmail.co.uk. Good luck to you and the puppy.

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