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Elena Buga

I want to kniw how much it means temporary why the owner hasnt been prosecuted he has no right keeping animals in that condition he is a monster needs prosecuting ...i eant to know why animals cant be kept there forever till u find them a loving home rescue more if u know where they are ..there us no point offering them heaven if owner ckmes back puts them bacm in hell same conditions ..rescue needs be made permanent that person cant be allowed ever youch an animal as long as he lives ..i want kerp him jn that pkace for an hour can he stand it ..how he has the courage guts to put animalz through that cruelty spain its still in europe surelly european lows apply ..i want an update on this story please

Beryl Brennan

I agree Elena, no way should the dogs go back to the owner. But the problem is that by Spanish standards - which of course are not ours - these dogs are in 'good condition' and so the authorities don't see the need to prosecute...despite all the denuncias against the owner! Rest assured the association will do all they can to prevent him having them back. I'll keep you updated.

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