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Hi, I have very recently adopted a beautiful male podenco from Spain, he is 3.5 years old. Now I completely adore dogs but this boy is beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. Both myself and my partner are besotted, he’s magical! I have just started training to be a dog trainer and I have already started to put some basics into place (name, sit, crate etc), I’m clicker training him and fully based on positive reinforcement. He’s quite picky food wise and certainly not as food motivated as some dogs but he does love cheese and turkey! Basically this is my first dog and I’m just wondering how other people who are much more experienced have managed to train their pods. My lovely dog is totally reactive to cats! If we see one out on a walk (we live in a town so there are lots about), he goes into full on baying mode. Of course I know he’s been trained to do this, but I would like to work with him on it as it’s quite extreme. Any ideas or experiences from anyone else? I don’t expect him to ever be a cat lover but just to get him to calm down when he sees on would be more than enough.
Also are there any similar tips or thoughts on recall training?
As I say I adore him and will do whatever it takes to work with him on the issues raised. Thank you! Xxx

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