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Mark Bruscher

You are an angel on Earth. Thank you for what you do.


Second that, you are a truly wonderful person with a heart of gold. Thank you for helping these animals.

Judy Greenfield

I see that these heroes are taking care of a diabetic dog. I might be able to get them a vial or two of insulin if I know what type they are using. I'm in the USA but a friend is going to the UK and that person will be going to Spain. Just an idea. Thanks


One word. Beautiful x thank you. I would love to help too z

David Tomlinson

Thanks for the offer Judy, here's David's reply. The offer of assistance relating to Insulin is the first offer we have received. Unfortunately I am told by my vet that Insulin does not travel well. There would also be a problem with bringing controlled drugs through Customs, I wouldn't like to see anyone in trouble for trying to help me.

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