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Poor Reina. I have donated towards vets fees. I had an incident yesterday where a dog had escaped and was following a horse rider down the road. Every single car on the road pulled up. Several people got out to try and help, including me. An elderly man stopped his car and was trying to capture the dog. The horse rider did an about turn and guided the dog back to where he had come from. As I walked back down the road after making sure that the dog got back home safely, the people who had pulled up were asking me if the dog was safe. Good to know that there is a different mentality out of there to some vile person who would just run over a dog, drive on and not care.


Thank you to everyone who has donated towards the vet fees for this little podenca. I have just learned that Podencoworld (Holland) have offered to pay the outstanding balance for this operation and to pay all other vet fees to get her put back together. We then need to find her a forever home. I'll keep posting updates on how she is doing. A million thanks again to you wonderful donators.


Brilliant, such good news! Big thank you to Podencoworld, thank goodness for organisations like this. Wishing Reina a speedy recovery.

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