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Is it not illegal to bring sick and highly infectious dogs into the UK? If it isn't it certainly should be. This gives other rescues/shelters who do things by the book a bad name. These rescues/shelters work so hard to ensure the dogs are Vet checked and transported properly and it is very irresponsible that someone is doing this, albeit with good intentions, thereby ruining the reputations of good rescues/charities/shelters. It is already controversial to bring dogs from abroad into the UK due to diseases that could be brought in and dogs needing homes in the UK, so something like this happening adds fuel to the flames. I have dogs from abroad so I'm not criticising people who adopt from abroad, it just needs to be a thorough and professional process. Would time and money not be better spent supporting the established rescues/shelters/charities in Spain who desperately need support, as do the dogs residing in them?

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