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Hi Beryl, it seems things have improved slightly, if you check out a subsequent post, he's given an update and has written in English (I think!)

Beryl Brennan

Thanks, can you send me the link.

Susan Repp

I would love to share this info on my fb but I cannot see where to share...I am visiting patents in spain and help at SST animal shelter, they have around 6 pods there...so much suffering for these creature...want to share their plight

Sue reop, colorado

Beryl Brennan

Susan - you can click on the facebook symbol beneath the post, or you can go on my Podenco Post facebook page and share it from there.

Beryl Brennan

Update on the situation from Tony.

During the last week Beryl, Vicente the keeper of the dogs, has been keeping the area relatively clean and the dogs are not chained up, nor do they bark and cry all the timeā€¦ both the Protectora and Seprona have responded as a result of the blog and the massive amount of interest over 5/6 days and they BOTH say they will be monitoring the dogs over the next few weeks?

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