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What a wonderful lady. Where would the animals without good people like this?


after loosing my tess bk in feb bless her it took me a while to get my self put right cant say get over her cause I never will wont get over none of them you never do you just learn to cope so the months went on with just 3 and I wanted another but the vets bills always pull you down so jay a co ordinator for grey rescue whilst talking about betty needing a home been returned due to sep anxiety said my home would be the perfect one for her due to someone always been in and offered to pay vets bills for her so she came last sat to me jay said she was real quite apart from the sep anx but she is full of beans so much energy I have to walk her with my other 3 relaying cause she wines the place down when I out walking separately with the others so now she walks with rey then with ebs then with taz she just wants play with the others all the time rey is pleased a play mate rey is 10 and a half now and is like a puppy sometimes I don't where he gets his energy one thing I will say for my new grery hound betty she sleeps through dosnt move like them all that have some and gone and still here jay was surprised she said it shows how relaxed she is I said cause they all know they can do what they want here with in reason she just getting used to her teeth been brushed bless her

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