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so heart breaking but unfortunately true poor lost souls bless them all its not their fault


and this should be dedicated to all the idiots who buy Christmas puppies then abandon them in January. All the idiots who adopt a dog from abroad only for the dog to arrive and they say, "she's too big we don't want her". All the idiots who say they want to adopt a dog, even get the place booked on transport and let the rescue and the dog down at the last minute. All the idiots who abandon their elderly dog in the searing heat of southern Spain to move back to the UK and think that this is somehow acceptable. All the idiots who take on a rescue dog for a week and send the dog back because he isn't perfect and maybe he weed on the floor. These people have a part to play along with the hunters and abusers of animals. My dogs are my family, they are with me for life. As for my lovely rescue dog Lina, thrown over the gates of the shelter at 10 months old because they didn't want her any more, I say the same "how could you".


the poem says it all so so sad for all the rescue animals round the world that have their sweet little life taken and especially the ones been given to a shelter by their owners after hence amount of years aw bless you all


Very well said, Kathryn, totally agree with you.

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