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you poor little soul oh I am thinking of you sweet heart please fight and stay with us even for a while so you can see what it feels like to be loved for once in your heart breaking life I hope this person gets the max for letting her suffer like this and dumping her in a horrid place just to wait for her life to be ended I bet in not so nice way


This is so very sad, poor baby, she must be in so much pain. I can't imagine what kind of a revolting individual would let a dog get in such a state. So sorry that is too late for her and thank you to the wonderful people who saved her and will make sure she spends what is left of her life in warmth and comfort. Bless you little one.


So sad to say that Santa gave up her fight for life - she was just too weak and ill - and she has now passed over the rainbow bridge. But at least she knew gentle hands and words and caring people in her last days. The owner is being prosecuted.


Poor little thing, so sorry. I am glad that the owner is being prosecuted, horrible individual.

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