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I think that you are absolutely spot on with this Beryl. I have done this in the past, donated money to get the dogs out of perreras because their plight does tug at the heart strings. You are right though as in what about the dogs already in rescue, they need homes, they need feeding, the rescue need support. Also you are right in that the scoundrels who run the perreras must be rubbing their hands with glee as they coin it in and report back to the councils as to how well it is working. What about those 260 dogs already in rescue in Tenerife? What about the 70 dogs at Pepis with just Jane and Allan doing their best for them. In the UK there just aren't enough homes for the dogs in rescues, so it must be worse in Spain. My heart breaks for those dogs in perreras though, I can understand why people are desperate to get them out. I will never forget those pictures of Mairena. Also agree about the dogs being sent to random homes in Europe. I have read info recently about homes falling through, dogs being passed on, going missing. That's why I think that Scooby have a good rehoming policy. I read something really sad about a dog coming over from Spain, the family who had agreed to have her said they didn't want her when they saw her, too big apparently (waste of space these people), dog then had four foster homes before ending up in a rescue in the UK, so, so sad. She looked like a beautiful dog too. Anyway I transgress but I think that you are saying something really important here with regards to rescue.

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