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will donate a little on wed for this little one bless


I willl make a donation for this little one. Spanish Stray Dogs do a great job promoting the dogs in rescues and trying to get them their forever homes.

Margarita Gloersen

I want to contribute with all the needing charities, but unfortunatedly I am amongst them. I don´t know where we are going to get the money needed in the future, as the province of Cádiz is now closing down all car boot sales. The ayuntamiento found it as a good income and closed down the ones existing. And now the stores are complaining that they sell nothing, because of our labor selling second hand things. So the ayuntamiento will have to close the one that was left, at least in Chiclana de la Frontera. We are all desperate to get the fundings, but less and less people have money to give. My suggestion is to get pressure on the authorities to give Veterinaries order to at least do the castrations for free,for all registered charities (or only paying for the materials needed during the operation) This will help us, but not enough. Other sugestions are welcome! I am running out of ideas!!


just donated for this little one bless


hi margarita what is the name of the charity you are with if you don't mind me asking and how many more you know of in your area maybe we havnt heard of them it is going to be very difficult to get the authorities to pass that law and would the vets accept after all its all about money but if there is a petition that takes off re this I will be more than happy to sign every one would but you could try if poss out side your own front way or if not busy outside someones front way where its pos more busy for the passing public to look and purchase just an idea


just donated alittle here bless


the boot sale back on looked on web site good news they need this stall going every week to help bring the funds in little johns donation creeping up hope it keeps going

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