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Have had a look at Goldra, some beautiful dogs there, not just pods. Lovely galga and lots of 'Heinz 57s'. Beryl, just to let you know that the Tail Torrox link goes through to Goldra. Ps I will be buying your new podenco book next week!


Thanks for telling me! Have amended, now you can read about Carole and the TAIL Torrox dogs! Apologies to Carole too! I'm out all weekend so was busy trying to get some posts written which would publicise whilst I was out and didn't check.


There are some beauties at TAIL Torrox. What about Mimi & Missy who are the best behaved dogs in kennels but have been there two years? Please think about the overlooked ones. Both of my dogs had been in rescue for four years, one in England and one in Spain. My grey had never even been inside a house before. I needed to do some work with my grey - house training, food stealing etc but now he is an absolute star. With my Spanish girl, she has been a good girl since day one. I'm not saying it's the same for them all but there are a lot of superstars left behind because of their age, looks, size and colour.

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