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dont use fb simple reason i see and read enough on pp an gn about these poor souls cant take any more upset and especially all the crap that flys around this is about the dogs not not peoples disagreements ye i feel like most people about these beutiful dogs on death row the fault of selfish ignorant humane beings again not all but the majority and yes rescue from the rescues then all the reasons above on individuale dogs can be asessed acording and placed with the right addopter then there will be space for the perrera pods ans gals to undergo the nes and be prepared for their forevers i have galgo as you know now i see a lot of pod in him his actions his agility his wiseness i am sure he got pod in him now his true character come out on him the odd time he can be a bit of a hand full but hey thats the commitment to these beuties you really need to be educated in all aspects of addopting a gal and especially a pod and me personally dont agree with ever letting a sight hound off lead in open space no matter how much recall you think they have just that one split second of the eye spotting the chase you have had it thats my opinion every ones will be different i just want to keep mine as safe as i can i wont even let any other person take my galgo out you have got to be on your toes at all times and have eyes in bk of your head aswell as the front and in my case my a--- lol

Mary Croft

There is always someone trying to get attention by humiliating and disgracing others.
This bullying is a clear example of the human ego run amok.
This is one of the many reasons I love animals...no warped egos.

Catherine Noyce

Are you able to let me know privately who this person is (perhaps just their first name). We've recently given some money to someone who does seem to be helping Spanish dogs, but writes in capitals and is always in crisis. Just the christian name would do! Thank you!


Catherine, have replied to you privately with a copy of the post this person put on my facebook page Podenco Post. If anyone else who is not on facebook wishes to receive it, then please email me.


Agree, Mary, give me animals any day!

Barbara Stallwood

I would like to know who this is also Beryl because l want to know that my donations are going to the right rescues.
Thank you for bringing this to our notice.


Have emailed you with all the information, Barbara, as copied and pasted from the post on facebook about which I was so angry!


Hi Beryl, could also pls give me the first name of the person, so that when I make donations I know who to avoid. Thank you


Same as Barbara. Please can you let me know Beryl, as I want to make sure my donations go to the right places. Please email me when you have time, thank you.

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