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what a fantastick story so pleased that this couple addopted a podenco and went for the second one aswell as their other dog so nice to hear some good news sometimes i does ring a bell the mother of navarre and the wild boar bless her oh navarre you are going to be so happy over the moon for you have lots of fun with your new play mates brilliant news good on you both for helping the podencos they must have the highest % in breeding so so many of these beutiful souls dont make it its heart breaking


another amazing story


These pods are beautiful and it's great that they have found a lovely home. The Spanish dogs need all the help they can get. I love/have loved my beautiful Spanish dogs. Unfortunately the situation in the UK is getting grimmer for dogs here. 126,00 abandoned a year, approx 300 every day and 150 dogs put to sleep every week, also known as the death row dogs. The council pounds are grim and who knows if the dogs are put to sleep humanely? It's a dire situation. The treatment of the ex racing greyhounds just gets worse too - and we are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers?! It's awful and if it continues we could soon be in the same league as Spain with the dreadful abandonment and mistreatment of dogs. It is good to read about the lucky dogs who have found loving homes, just wish it could be the same happy ending for all of them.

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