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this cant be happening are they after a rescue coming fwd for her or do they want donations put through to put her in residence them self oh the other poor girl hope she is rescued and taken to a safe place keep us posted beryl


I could try and help by finding her a home here in the UK once the dog clubs start up again in January....I could take her in short term but I have a 9 month old baby girl and this could maybe cause a problem as we donĀ“t know how Tita is with young children.
We live in Portsmouth so if anyone could bring her across with the ferry I could pick her up at this end. But I would have to rehome her here, as we live in rented accommodation and we already have a rescue galgo and rescue podenco andaluz....but we could help with short-term stay ....


ellen that is great im sure beryl will contact you re the pod in perrera and let you know more about it


is there any news beryl re the situation for the pod in perrera and the prgnant pod on the streets i did contact the person for the appeal for one in perera but ant had reply


teresa got bk to me and said that the girl had been saved she did mention her name and also she said a boy was in there and thinks he been saved aswell they are always looking for donaitons to get the pods out of kill sation so i have told her to keep posting on here an dwe will donate what we can she does have followers that help she said it dont matter how much you doante it all helps

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