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Beryl, I have been reading all of your recent blogs on Podenco post about the rescues and the animals they have up for adoption. All different breeds, shapes and sizes. I even saw a few British Bull Dogs and that would be incredibly rare for them to end up in rescue here. As you know I adopted my black mixed breed dog from a shelter in Melampo. She had been advertised by the Nobodywantsme.org project, hoping to get homes for overlooked dogs in shelters in Spain. She had been in the shelter for nearly five years. She is a beautiful natured dog and such a good girl, no issues with her at all. This is a drop in the ocean though, there are masses of them waiting for homes. I looked through the lists of dogs listed on the rescues and it's just so depressing. I know they are safe in the rescue but they all need homes and the poor rescues, they must be full to bursting. It's just really, really sad. People need to neuter their dogs, be responsible and stop treating them like throwaway rubbish. I don't know when things will change.


ye that would help kathryn by neutering animals because its not nearly enough at the moment but the governments need to start the program them self even if for a while ban the breeding of all dogs it would give dogs in rescue a far better chance of finding a home looked on this site the rescues you dont know exsist is unbelievable and i know there will be thousands more we dont know about it is so sad

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