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will donate on tues to these beutiful pods


This poor rescue, they are totally overwhelmed, so unfair. I have had a look at their website and this looks like a great rescue, lovely dogs and cats needing homes. I will be making a donation this week. Their cattery looks really great and the animals are obviously well looked after. 32 dogs in one go is too much for any rescue. It is so frustrating that some people are so irresponsible and don't neuter their animals.


Paws-Patas have asked me on their behalf - because they are overwhelmed with work with all the dogs/puppies - to thank those people who have donated to them for the puppies and their mothers - for special dog food for the mums and puppy food for the dogs. Please, everyone, keep donating - 32 puppies..............


Just made a donation and shared the article.


i donated to this cant remember if they got bk to me i think they did as in a automated response saying they would get bk to me soon it dont matter they have got enough to deal with just glad to help when i can there is that many that email ne i cant keep up with who gets bk to me

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