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poor soul oh they do suffer so anke needs donations now for this poor soul aswell as getting him out seeing a vet and getting him residence it goes on and on for these poor babies

Judy Greenfield

Jenny, can we try to spring him together? I'll donate 30 euros, you donate 30 euros and some kind soul(s) can donate for his residencia fee???? Anyone out there willing to help this young boy who appears to be suffering???


Yes I will help. I get paid on Thursday this week and will put something through for him.


oh judy i have only just seen this i can put 20 through for him i will contact anke and let her know

Maria Casares

Hi! We're trying to get him out. A family fron Belgium wants to adopt him if he's ok with cats. A french rescue is going to help us getting him out (as it is mandatory if the dog goes out of Spain) but we have to pay for everything. Here the event in french: https://www.facebook.com/events/567356246656662/
Here my Paypal account: mya_tk@hotmail.com

Thank you for your help.

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