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This is a bloody disgrace. I will be signing all the petitions and will be emailing those in authority listed above. Those poor dogs, this is disgusting. This cretin must be made to hand these dogs over and stopped from owning any more. The poor pregnant dog with her paw torn off. Please, everyone sign the petitions and write to those in authority to try and stop this.


i have signed and will be emailing the contacts im pissed off with all this


Horrible, and I'm sure there are many other similar places. Thank goodness the Portugese are trying to change things now and thank you for letting us know. Will write and sign, of course.


emailed the contacts dont know if i will get a reply


I watched the short video on Youtube, not on the petition page, and after it, the suggestions were all absolutely horrible - rich idiots shooting wild boar from helicopters or going on trophy-hunting holidays to Hungary or shooting wild goats - yes, wild goats - in Wales. Some were American, but most were English. People really are foul, everywhere, foul bullies, and animals are easy to bully now humans have the technology and don't have to spear them by hand.

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