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Linda Matthews

I know all about the killing stations as I spent some time in Spain and there was always something in the local English language papers about the way the government treats strays. I have always signed petitions condemning this practice and used to help out at the local dog shelter. It was great news when we read some time ago that the local government had stopped using gas to kill the dogs and as I recall, they were allowing more time for owners to be re-united with their lost pets.


Linda, can you expand on your comment about 'the local government stopping using gas to kill the dogs'. Which local government, and how do they kill the dogs - cheap injection which paralyses them and takes about 20 minutes to kill the dog? I know that's used in many perreras. Also, do you know anything about a law in Andalucia which forbids healthy dogs being killed - not that the perreras take any notice. Can you email me with info band@bbrennan.eu Thanks for caring for the animals.

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