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Pauline Wright

This made me cry, what a hppy ending for a very lucky dog. Well done to his rescuers, adopters and everyone involved in changing Barneys life xxxxx


well done to all involved

Selina Dix

I love happy endings and this story is just that for this little chap...after a very sad start to his life he has his happy future with his new family in Scotland...wonderful xxx


This is a lovely story full of hope and joy to see Barney so happy in his new home.God Bless you Norma and your family for taking Barney into your hearts.

Best Wishes from Scotland x


This is truley a story filled with hope and joy,God bless Norma and her family for taking Barney into there hearts.

Best Wishes from Fife Scotland x



You've misread the story, it was Norma who spotted him on PP and contacted me and we linked the contacts to organise his transport to the UK initially to go into foster. Then Alison and David in Bristol adopted him.


Norma Young

Hi Pauline, I'm Norma who found Chaplin/Barney and got him on his way to the UK where the Fosters adopted him and am so pleased to see how fond they are of each other. Have to say I was just enjoying all the praise there until Beryl stepped in!!! Maybe she can put you in touch with me.


Lovely story and pics!:) I was interested to read about Chaplin/Barney's reaction to Alison's son as several years ago when we adopted our second galgo we had a similar reaction from him whenever he saw anyone with a coloured skin (even just suntanned). He was frightened of strangers, but absolutely terrified of the latter. Unfortunately our oldest daughter comes from Thailand and has a lovely permanent tan, so we had a problem for a while until Papa realised that he had no reason to be afraid of her.

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