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poor soul hope he gets sorted soon


just makes me so sad and angry, poor, poor boy thank goodness some-one was able to help him just hope he can now get a wonderful home


I have emailed about this dear boy but not heard back yet. I am in the UK and am interested in him. Would this be possible to organise?


It is possible Lisa - lots of dogs come over to UK from Spain each month or so. If you email Beryl on the email address at the top of Podenco Post page, she will be able to advise you and put you in touch with someone to translate if needs be. I really hope you manage this as he is such a beautiful puppy and it will be well worth doing. Good luck.


Thank you Norma - I will do that.


I am happy to tell you that this lovely boy has a forever home in Spain. Another happy ending.

Lisa, there are other deserving podencos who still need someone like you. Liaise with my friend Marisa about them, she will translate etc.

thanks to everyone for caring.


well done every oe involved

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