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Jane Lane


I've just read this post and I love it. Thank you very much!

Thank you for visiting my blog and translating one of my posts. This certainly made my day!

I really love this breed and it makes me terribly sad how this dogs are treated in my country. I really really hope that this will change.


PS: I'm sorry if my English writing it's not correct.

Beryl Brennan


Welcome aboard, so glad you found us! Anything to help publicise the podencos, the life of hell they suffer at the hands of the hunters and to publicise what marvellous pets they make. Any news etc you want to send me, please do. I can always use Google Translate, as I did before.

Thanks for caring and for the work you do.


Lisa Rodriguez

I came across this website and wanted to say thank you to those who are helping find homes for all dogs in Spain, especially the Podenco. My husband and I lived in Spain for two years, and we came back to the states with two dogs we adopted while living in Utrera. Bubba is our shepherd mix we adopted from Protectora La Guarida. Rocky is our podenco - pointer mix we brought in off of the streets. We found him when he was just a puppy, very ill and emaciated with ticks. Both are healthy and happy now, and they are best of friends. I have developed and extreme love for Podenco and my life will never be the same. Best of luck with your work and devotion to finding these wonderful dogs with a forever home! ~ Lisa R.


Nice to hear from you and lucky for the two dogs you adopted. Please tell everyone about Podenco Post and also Facebook Help the Podencos and Podenco Post (both my groups. The podencos need all the publicity they can get; marvellous companion dogs and can also be good agility dogs if trained from a puppy - they are used a lot in Germany in agility competitions, see the videos on YouTube. Thanks for commenting, keep reading!

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