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Ted Wolfenden

Having had Ibizan Hounds since 2009 I know how loving and caring these Hounds are. They really love their owners who have helped them after they have been rescued from the streets and the wild. I had my first Ibizan Hound called Menta from March 2009 until March 2017, then after she had departed my second one called Cleopatra on 7th May 2017. Cleopatra loves being here with me and my 4 Black Greyhounds.


Somehow I don't think this beauty will be waiting long at all. Have you seen some of the special cases at this rescue? Lovely dogs, with a disability that doesn't hold them back and they may never be rehomed, so sad.


Ted, Cleopatra is a very lucky girl. How wonderful that you have black Greyhounds, they are so often overlooked. My black greyhound passed in January this year, lovely boy. I think black dogs are lovely, their coats shine like satin when they are looked after properly.

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