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Another scumbag who needs to be wiped off the face of the planet. Did the dog survive and has a rescue taken him/her in? The wound looks terrible, poor dog.

Anne Persoon

I am glad the man is punished.
Take care of the animals they're depending on you,
Tenerife and al over the world of course.
A lot of hunters are not nice to their dogs,neglect,abuse food with excrements in it,trainging behind a car or a cat 👹to much for one life!
Police keep an eye on the bad man,please for God's sake and for the animals.

Beryl Brennan

The podenco survived, the 2nd photo shows it at a vet surgery standing up. I've asked which association has it. In the meantime, here is another post by Bev Farmer of Podenco Friends - at last Seprona in the Canary Islands are starting to take notice of the brave people living there who expose the vile treatment meted on podencos by the bloody hunters!

'The authorities are taking action against those who abuse their podencos.. Here in Tenerife they are prosecuting the hunter who hung his Podenco... Then recently the rescue at Santa Brigida in Gran Canaria they are taking legal action against the owner of the 18 dogs (17 been podencos), Then the landmark case in Lanzarote of Angelique, so badly beaten she had three fractures to her skull. First reported to the the authorities by Laura Johnson of the Kennel Klub and Saving the Lanzarote Podencos. They brought the case to the courts in less than 7 days
Its a drop in the ocean but its a positive step forward and may make those who do abuse their podencos to think twice.'

Sally MacDonell

Good! Progress at last. Now hang the perpetrator.


Hang the perpetrator, let him taste his own medicine

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