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Mary Croft

This is wonderful...I am so happy that Canadians are learning about these unappreciated dogs.


So good to read this about adoption in Canada of your Podenco' s. They are such lovely dogs who have to suffer so much before they can have a good life with people who care for them. I have adopted one, called Caminante ( he was found in Spain with a broken leg and missing a part of his ear). He still is afraid of loud noises and things outside, but inside he feels safe.
And I surely will adopt another one. I am from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Beryl Brennan

Thank you for your comment, Elly, and wonderful to read yet another deserving hound has found a wonderful forever home. How he must have suffered at the hands of the hunter, to still be afraid.


Lovely to hear about the podencos getting homes in Canada. Re Elly's comment about her dog being afraid, my galgo Jake was afraid his whole life. He experienced happiness and kindness with us but never stopped being afraid of us making sudden arm and leg movements. He was terrified when out on walks if someone walked behind him. He was scared of phone lines coming out of telegraph poles, I don't know why. He had bad dreams and would wake in terror, then his eyes would soften when he saw I was there. He never recovered mentally or physically from the abuse by his hunter owner. He had to have a major operation on his back because of the physical abuse he suffered, it was awful for him. Everyone who met Jake was touched by him, his gentleness, the suffering he had gone through still there in his eyes, the scars on his face. I still miss him now. So anyone saying that hunters respect their dogs and treat them well and the rescue groups are lying about the abuse, they are the ones who are liars, evil, wicked liars.

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