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Norma Young

These lovely dogs - and many more - are at risk of their lives because of overcrowding. They badly need help in the way of foster homes/sponsorship/adoption etc.

This perrera in the north east of Spain is 'off the beaten track' and does not get the amount of publicity that others get, hence the appeal here.


hi beryl so they have a vet in this perrera and try to find them homes thankfully so you contact josi at pererra to donate

Norma Young

Can I just add that today Huesca have posted an additional 16 dogs which have come into their care this week. Animal Welfare Support Murcia are organising a sponsorship programme and to this end we have contacted Jose Abarca to ask for his views on the best way to go about this. Thanks.

Beryl Brennan

That's terrible that so many more dogs have come in, but marvellous that you are all energising to support these dogs. Keep us posted, Norma.

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